Addicted to Bathtime

Bathtime is undoubtedly the best time of the day. After the unending struggle to get Jackson to eat his veggies, it is a relief to finally be DONE with dinner and ready for the bath. Jack would splash around in there all night if we let him, but we try to get him out before he gets too "prune-ified". We always "put away" his bath toys by stacking them on the side of the tub before bundling Jack up in a towel and putting on his PJs.

Last night Jackson must not have been ready to get out of the bathtub yet because when I went in with his towel he was standing guard over the side of the tub and refusing to put away the bath toys. Just as fast as Caleb could stack them on the side, Jackson was throwing them back into the water. I think rubber duckie spent that night in the tub!


Anonymous said…
Sweetheart, this is your Dad. Thank you so much for letting us see into your lives a bit from here! What a treasure for your Mom and me to be able to read this. We love the three of you, and can hardly wait to be back home for a while!
Love, Dad