Say Please!

We believe it's never too early to learn good manners, so ever since Jackson could sit up in his high chair and let us know he was hungry we've been trying to teach him "please" and "thank you". It typically goes something like this: Jackson grunts or yells to indicate his tray is empty, one of us responds "Say please, Jack"; we wait a moment for that to sink in, put the coveted cracker or cookie on his tray, and then say "Thank you" for him. He cannot formulate intelligible words at this age, but we hope this ritual "please" and "thank you" will give him an early understanding of what will one day be expected. Yesterday we were all in the kitchen while Jackson was having an afternoon snack. He had finished all the crackers on his tray and was yelling at the top of his lungs at the box on the counter. Caleb pulled out a cracker and said "Say please," then paused. Jackson got quiet and looked back and forth between us, then opened his mouth and out came "deeze." I almost dropped my plate on the floor. Whether or not it was a fluke, it was a joy to hear. Oh and by the way, Jack got his cracker and enjoyed every bit of it!


Anonymous said…
yes, I can really hear it the way you describe it.....thanks..MOM