Daddy's Best Buddy

Now I know why babies say "Daddy" before "Mommy". I thought I could never love another sound as much I love to hear Jackson laugh, but the first time I saw him hold out his arms to Caleb and say "Dadda" I was smitten. There's nothing more precious than Jackson pitter-pattering down the hall everytime the phone rings during the day saying "Dadda! Dadda!" ...and I hope he's right and its Caleb so I get to see that huge grin when Jackson hears his voice on the line. At five o'clock every afternoon when Jackson hears the alarm system beep twice, he knows its the garage door opening; then he's up and running/tumbling down the hallway yelling "Dadda! Dadda!" to meet Caleb at the door.

"Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad." -Author Unknown