REWARD: missing keys!

Well, it finally happened...I knew it would! Up to this point Jackson has kept his plundering down to less important items such as the tv remote, the coffee table's elephant figurines, or the occasional sock or two. But up for ransom this time: the keys for the car. Caleb had to go to Montgomery on Saturday and when he got back we were sitting on our bed talking. We were doing the awful game of "keep away" because Jack had spotted something he wanted. He was clamoring back and forth between the two of us desperately trying to get the keys and made such a fuss about it that we finally let him have them. He played around on the floor with them and I don't think he left the room. We had totally forgotten about the keys by the time I scooped him up and we headed to the kitchen for dinner. Then Sunday morning we realized the keys weren't on the floor where we thought they were. We search under the furniture, in all the drawers, in the pillows--everywhere we could think that he might have stashed them. No keys to be found. So the task for the day is for me to turn the house upside down and find those keys! More on this story as it develops....


Anonymous said…
Well, I hope you find LEAST in time to come visit us later this month! You know they make little beepers now to help you find the hidden tv remote. should get one for your keys, provided you find them first :)