New Toy

We went to Walmart last Saturday to get a few household necessities for the upcoming week. Unfortunately walmart is the worst place to be on Saturday in this town. Everyone seems to think it is the best place to hang out on the weekend. Consequently it is really difficult getting down the isles and really easy to loose your buggy (and your husband and son). I was pondering over the fifteen different fragrances of baby soap when I noticed they were missing. I actually found them pretty quickly though, because the toy department was the first place I checked!
They were standing next to this huge bin full of giant rubber balls and Caleb was demonstratively bouncing one for Jack. Long story short, we left Walmart with one cucumber melon baby soap and one giant rubber ball. It has been the biggest source of entertainment for three days now. It is amazing that Jack can actually pick it up and carry it around since it is decidedly bigger than he is. So big in fact that he can't see over the top of it when he is toting it around, so he is continuously bumping into (and bouncing off of) the walls and furniture.... which he thinks is hilarious.