Saturday in Savannah

Caleb has been taking a class at Ft. Stewart for the past week. He still has one week to go so Jackson and I took the opportunity to drive up yesterday and spend the weekend with him. It was a really long drive, but Jack did really well. I hoped he would nap for most of the trip, but for one reason or another he only ended up sleeping for about 45 minutes. We were in the car for over six hours total but he never fussed and hardly made a peep at all. I really am blessed to have such a good baby!
We spent this morning in Savannah walking along the river and looking at all the old buildings. I especially enjoyed all the little shops and candy stores, but I think Caleb and Jackson liked the river and the boats the best.


Anonymous said…
We missed seeing you this week, but we sure are glad you and Jackson got to go see Caleb. We had fun at M&M's, too. We love and miss you and hope to see you soon!