Swimming Bowl

Caleb and I were in the kitchen yesterday putting away groceries when we realized we hadn't seen or heard Jackson in several minutes. I called his name but he didn't come running like he usually does so I headed down the hall, to find I'd left the door to our bedroom and bathroom open. I ran into the room expecting toilet paper unrolled all over the floor or something equally horrifying. There was Jack sitting happily in the toilet and grinning ear to ear. I ran to get Caleb and we tried not to laugh (or upchuck) as we snapped exactly one photo before yanking him out, stripping him down, and scrubbing him with anti-bacterial soap.


Anonymous said…
Amazing Jackie. I can hardly wait for your Mom to get home and see this one! You and Jackson are DEFINITELY "one up" on us now :) I don't believe we have pictures of you or your brothers in the toilet bowl. How funny!!
Love, Dad
PS- they make little seats that fit small behinds just for the "training years"
Jackie said…
Yes and I'd like to point out that he pushed up the lid and seat before he climbed in too!