How You See It

One day last week Jackson came flying into our bedroom at 7:50 PM shrieking and laughing hysterically. Caleb was close behind, chasing him with the corn popper toy and as Jack dead-ended in a heap on the floor, proceeded to run it up and down his back and belly. (Everyone knows this toy; as you push it on the floor the multicolored balls pop up and down creating a tremendous racket.) Although it was hilarious to watch, I glanced at the clock and said to Caleb, "Honey, do you really think its a good idea to be getting him all riled up ten minutes before bed?" To which he replied, "No Baby, I'm wearing him out!" I guess its all in how you see it.


Anonymous said…
Ah, yes, perspective! It certainly can be different between the Mom and the Dad! Great story, Hon. Thanks for sharing it with us. We are at ILC this week, and we miss getting to see you all. Jonathan told us he had a really fun visit with you all last week. Wish we could have been there, too.