Jackson now has a small vocabulary of basic words. He can say "hey" and "bi" (bye), "peas" (please), "Dada", "Mama", and "Nana". These are the words we understand for sure, although he still chatters away to us in baby-talk all the time. One day last week he was playing back in his room and apparently fell or hurt his head in some way. He came to the kitchen crying and I picked him up and said my usual "What happened?" This time instead of continuing to cry he proceeded to give me a three minute monologue complete with hand animation detailing exactly what happened. Although I didn't understand a single word he said, I was able to gather that the injury was head related and kiss the spot accordingly. The grocery store run has become increasingly interesting since Jack learned to wave "hi" and "bye". He loves to say "bye" to people we pass and gets tickled pink if they smile or say "bye" in response. However, there is the occasionally passer who looks away or doesn't acknowledge Jack at all. These people get a second "bye" and a third, louder and louder, then the inevitable "bye! bi! bi! bi! bi!" like a broken record. My only hope is to turn down another isle quick so he loses sight of the other shopper.