Bubble Gun

This is the only gun we've allowed Jackson to have, and though we had some trepidation about teaching him to fire it, he was tickled pink to see those bubbles shooting into the air. I haven't see quite this same reaction about anything else.

I'm constantly amazed about how observant Jack is. He doesn't talk much yet, but it seems like he understands everything. Today I put him in a mid-morning bath because he had been outside in the yard with Caleb and had grass clippings in his hair. After scrubbing Jack I left him to play with his bath toys and went to put his grass-stained clothes in the washing machine. When I neared the bathroom again I could hear Jack calling me "Mama. Mama!" I found him standing next to the tub, dripping wet and waiting to be dried off. He had put all his toys away, pulled the plug to drain the tub, and climbed out all on his own. I wonder what he would have done if his towel had been within reach.


Anonymous said…
YIKES! His first gun,huh? Don't let Uncle Mike know, or he'll be wanting to follow-up with some serious weapons!!
Can't wait to see him "shoot"some bubbles!
Love you guys,