I took Jackson and Jonathan to Sams this morning and what a fun experience! This was my first grocery run with just myself and the boys so I was pretty anxious. I chose Sams partly because they have these huge buggies with a double child seat. It easily fit Jackson and Jonathan (in his car seat) with room to spare. I had a few difficulties at first because Jackson, finding himself within such easy reach of his brother, tried repeatedly to 'soothe' Jonathan by patting his head, shoving the pacifier in his mouth, or 'rocking' the buggy (which was more like violent shaking). After a while he left off to wave and say hi to all the people we were passing. This is a common occurrence on our shopping excursions and I've gotten used to people stopping to say hi back and tell me what a friendly boy I have. I was pretty amazed and delighted, however, when after successfully getting someones attention Jackson pointed to Jonathan and said "Bebe". To which the lady came closer and said "I see. Is that you're baby brother?" For the rest of the time we were in Sams he continued to 'show off' Jonathan to anyone who would look. It just got funnier and funnier to me; especially when we got up to the man checking receipts at the door and Jackson yanked back the canopy on Jonathan's car seat and pointed to him, yelling "Bebe. Bebe. Bebe!" louder and louder until the man took a good long look... and then Jack was satisfied and we went home.