"Are You In Here?"

When I heard Jackson waking up from his nap one afternoon I opened the door and saw him still in his bed, hiding from me under a huge mound of blankets and pillows. "Are you in here?" I said. All was quiet and there was no movement until a little voice said "No!"


Anonymous said…
Jackie! I was scouting some blogs in preparation for creating my own and remembered I haven't checked yours in a while. It has been quite the fun afternoon reading all of your stories. I love and miss ya'll very much!
Jackie said…
Kate, so glad you enjoyed the blog. I hope to read yours when you get it up and running. Looking forward to seeing your trip pics too!
Katie said…
Jackie! I just found your response here! yay! I put up some posts on my blog...took them down...and put up a new one today. I am kind of an insecure blogger. I miss you!