Mommy Mistakes

Okay, so everyone knows you sometimes do crazy things when you're sleep deprived. For your daily laughter, some of my crazy things include: Microwaving the ice cream for 1:20 (this is the amount of time we microwave Jonathan's bottle water). Driving ten miles toward Birmingham with Sammy still in the back of the car (I was supposed to drop him off at the clinic). Pouring breast milk into Jackson's cup instead of Jonathan's bottle (okay, it was a hectic morning and I realized my mistake before anyone drank). Loosing my sunglasses and searching for ten minutes before realizing they were on my head. Rearranging the freezer then leaving it turned off all day (and it actually took me several minutes to figure out why there was water coming out of the ice dispenser). Washing a disposable diaper in the washing machine (still not sure how this one happened but I do know it takes FOREVER to get that gel off clothes).