What A Day!

Timeouts are an everyday occurrence in this household (hello terrible twos!) but it seems like Jack spent a lot of time on the "naughty rug" today. About mid-morning Caleb caught Jack sitting on the floor surrounded by a stack of DVD boxes... which he was opening and emptying right and left. Everything went downhill from there. After that he procured a glass box from a shelf in the bathroom and shattered it on the floor. Then it was lunch time, where he, after much coaxing, ate a PB & J sandwich, not without punching holes in the bread with his finger ("he stuck in his thumb and pulled out... peanut butter"). At one o'clock we put him down for a nap, where he talked to himself and played. I went in to put him back in the bed an hour later and found he'd climbed his dresser, pulled down a box of tissue, and shredded the entire contents all over the floor. After waking up from his nap and finding no tissue box to destroy, he yanked the cord to his vaporizer until he pulled it off the dresser, spilling the tank of water all over the carpet. Days like today make me thankful for days when I only have to clean one major mess.