Lettuce is Yum Yum!

Jackson was sitting at the island in the kitchen today watching me make his lunch. I try to make things as interactive as possible to encourage him to talk so I was giving a running commentary and letting him "pick" the meat and cheese to go on his sandwich. When he saw me open the bag of lettuce and pull out a big piece he said, "Oh no!" and started shaking his head and pouting. I decided to reverse tactics and said, "You can't have any of this. Lettuce is for my sandwich." He thought long and hard about that and when I left the room to look for his juice cup I heard him slowly pull that bag of lettuce across the island toward himself. By the time I got back to the kitchen he was munching on a huge leaf and when he saw me coming around the corner, quickly stuffed what was left in his mouth and proclaimed "Num Num!"