We took the boys to the zoo yesterday and had a great time even though it was really hot and most of the animals were conked out in the shade. We went from one exibit to the other and each time we'd let Jack out of the stroller and hold him up to the railing to see the animals. Pretty soon he had the hang of it himself and was running on to the next exibit and asking to be picked up to see what was in the enclosure. Jackson really liked the otters (they were swimming in the water and were probably the most active thing we saw) but his favorite thing was probably the train that he and Caleb rode around the zoo. I stayed at the train station with Jonathan who slept the whole time.


Katie said…
Jackie! These are the cutest pictures I have EVER seen! It just makes me rejoice to see your beautiful family and your boys! Will call soon to plan a trip to see you before I leave in August. I love you!