On the Chattahoochee

Happy 4th of July! This year we went to "Thunder on the 'Hooch" for some entertainment, junk food, rides, and fireworks. Jackson spent most of the evening watching the boats that gathered on the water to see the show. We learned that a dinner of hot dog, nachos, and teddy grahams makes 2 year olds very hyper! Caleb and Jack had a blast goofing off while we waited for the fireworks to start. The boys were up way past bedtime and were quite a handful! Caleb said, "how was this so much easier last year??" Because we had only one kid and a dozen relatives to pass him around! Oh how we missed Nana and Grandaddy this year!

After the show Caleb made a beeline for the car (which he had cleverly parked heading away from town so we didn't get stuck in the departing traffic) and even though he was pushing the stroller, I was struggling to keep up! He lost me on the bridge because I couldn't resist taking a quick picture of the Chattahoochee river. What a great 4th of July celebration!