Crib Recall, What A Pain!

What a ordeal its been since we found out almost three months ago Jonathan's crib was on the recall list.
Right off the bat we contacted the company to find out what was required to get the crib exchanged. They sent us a packet with instructions and return envelope to send back all the "hardware" and identification stickers. Once they processed the packet we would receive a voucher (in the amount we paid for the crib + tax) good at Babies-R-Us toward a new crib. We took the bed apart and packed up all the nuts, bolts, and plates. We left Jonathan's mattress on the floor surrounded by a few pillows and figured it would be adequate accommodations for a few weeks (the instructions said we should expect a voucher within 1-2 weeks).
Two weeks came and went and I finally called the customer service number to ask about our case. The voucher hadn't shipped yet but I was assured it would be mailed out that same day and I should expect it within a week. Long story short... it took weeks of calling and making a nuisance of myself almost every day before we finally got the crib voucher last week. I learned a lot about how customer service works (in this case, the "customer service" agents were actually not affiliated with the company at all, but simply individuals hired to answer the phone and field people away with false promises of "I'll absolutely speak to my manager and get it sent out right away"). The issues weren't over when we got the voucher in the mail. Turns out what you paid for a new crib three years ago will not buy you a new crib today. This is a result of inflation and gas prices I'm sure. Once we got over the sticker shock we went back to the store several days later and spent almost an hour trying to decide between two cribs. They were both beautiful, same color and same price. Caleb liked that one... and I liked the other one. And I'll let you guess who won ;0) More problems. The store didn't have the crib in stock, in fact, our Babies-R-Us is so small that they don't keep ANY cribs in stock. We placed an order and went home to wait another week. Finally yesterday the shipment arrived at the store. Caleb came home from work and went immediately to pick it up. He unloaded it and put it together right away.
Here it is!
The bedding was of course made for the other crib and doesn't fit this one exactly right, but I'm so happy to have a crib again that I don't even care!

So happy to be in a real bed again...

Thanks especially to sweet Katie for listening patiently to all my rants about cribs and vouchers and customer service guys who know me by name and voice!

And of course thanks to my wonderful Caleb, without whom I would surely have torn all my hair out by now! He skipped dinner to put together the crib so Jonathan could sleep in it right away.