How I Got Locked Out

I took the boys to run a few errands this morning and then Jackson and I played outside while Jonathan took his nap. I weeded the flower bed and Jackson "helped" and rode his tricycle up and down the driveway. After awhile we were both tired and hot and I asked Jackson if he wanted to go inside and have some juice. "Yes!" he said, and we went into the garage. I was putting away the garden gloves and the tricycle and Jackson went on inside. Then he did something he's seen me do a million times after we come in from playing outside-he flipped the dead bolt and locked the door! And that's how I came to be standing in the garage locked out with no key and calling through the door for Jackson to open it. I could hear him scuffling around inside and he responded to all my calls, but he just couldn't figure out how to unlock the door for me. I spent ten minutes going back and forth with him: Me: "Jackson, unlock the door!" Jack: (turns the doorknob several times) "I can't!" Me: "Yes, you can! Turn the lock back the way it was." Jack: (turns the knob again) "I can't!" Finally I left off trying to get him to unlock the door and started scouring the car for a key, which I knew was pointless. Note to self: keep a house key somewhere other than the kitchen junk drawer. Fortunately my handbag was still in the car so I pulled out my cell phone... and found low battery! I weighed the options: call Caleb vs. call the police. I called Caleb. After talking to him for a minute I was able to instruct Jackson better on how to unlock the door. Turns out he had already partially figured it out himself because I heard a scraping and realized he'd gotten a stool from the living room so he could reach the lock better. I was so relieved when the door finally opened and there was Jack acting like nothing happened, handing me his cup and demanding the juice I'd promised. Good thing he can't open the refrigerator by himself or he might not have let me in at all!