Kindly Step Away From The Baby!

I usually carry Jonathan in the babyhawk while I'm grocery shopping. Among other benefits, I've found this minimizes the number of people who reach out to grab his foot or pinch his cheeks. I didn't used to find this offensive, but I've discovered most people aren't just interested in the baby, they want to offer their $0.02. I might have been glad to listen to a stranger's advice when Jack was a newborn, but now that I'm a mommy of two I think I know what's best for my kids, thank you very much! If you want to criticize please find someone who hasn't been up since six, cleaned two dirty diapers, washed wet sheets, showered in rice cereal and carrot spit up, and read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish twice before having coffee!
These are the ones I get most often and my typical response:
"Oh, his feet are cold! He needs some socks!"
Response: "If you think his feet are cold you should feel mine!"
"Don't let that baby suck his thumb. My son sucked his thumb until he was sixteen!"
Response: "Well, I hope you bought him a car when he stopped."
Last week I had to run in Walmart for some milk and bread and rather than put Jonathan in the babyhawk I elected to carry him in his carseat. I was examining the bread and turned back around to find a lady leaning over the carseat cooing at Jonathan.
Jackson, who is usually so friendly and talkative to strangers, saw her encroaching and got a huge scowl on his face.
"No!" he told her. "My Baby! My Baby!"
I thought it was funny and she laughed to, but she didn't try to touch Jonathan again.