It's pretty chilly here today so Jackson has been inside watching "Me-mo". In case any of you didn't know who "Me-mo" is, I've posted a picture for your reference. The other shows Jack sometimes watches are "Doorboot", "Mick Mou", "Day-doe", and "Tigga-Pooh". I'll let you try to decipher those!


Anonymous said…
I got it Jackie, It's Dora n' Boots, Mickey Mouse, Diego, and Tigger and Pooh. I'm so good aren't I? Had lots of help here from Marc and Andy .....(has children 5,3 and 1) LOL.

I love you,

Jackie said…
Mom, you nailed it! LOL
I wish you were here to help me figure out the other things he says. He's turning into quite the little chatterbox!