Monkey Joe's!

How did it take me so long to find out about this place?? Every parent with young children should live near one. It is a serious sanity saver!
Last week when the boys and I were at the playground I got a tip from another parent about this place in Columbus called Monkey Joe's. It's a huge indoor playground, complete with six large "jumps", an arcade, toddler play area, and parent lounge with Internet access and big screen TV. Caleb was taking leave on Friday and I thought it would be a perfect morning to try out Monkey Joe's.
We got there just as they were opening and we mostly had the entire playground to ourselves. We were also pretty surprised at the enormity of the "jumps". Parents can play too! Caleb and Jackson had a blast and after Jackson learned how to climb the "rock wall" on the highest jump he was all about doing it himself. He definitely has Caleb's fearless personality because he didn't hesitate at all to come flying down those slides!
Caleb took his laptop and did his assignments in the parent lounge. We let Jackson run amok and Jonathan napped in the babyhawk. They were both quite happy! After awhile Caleb took Jonathan and went down to Kinnucan's and I got a chance to go down the jumps with Jackson. I discovered you can really fly fast if you get a running start and go down head first (Okay, I only did that once because I paid for it with a nickel sized chunk of skin off my knee)! What a blast!
It was great to sit back and let Jackson run off his energy in an indoor padded environment. I predict more of Monkey Joe's in our future!