Rice Cereal Revisited

We started Jonathan on rice cereal this week. His first impression was obvious disgust and who can blame him?! It brought back memories off wrangling Jack and forcing him to eat it when he was this age. I guess all children find this entree revolting? For those of you who have read the Calvin and Hobbes comics and remember the episodes with the "glop" monster that jumps off Calvin's plate during dinner and tries to eat him, I'm sure the writer got his inspiration from rice cereal. Seriously, the stuff looks like glue and tastes worse. While Jackson was eating his PB & J at the island today I was furiously shoveling rice cereal back into Jonathan's unwilling mouth. After watching for a while I noticed Jack taking an interest in the glop. "Puddin!" he finally decided. "Not so much," I told him. "You wouldn't like this stuff, I promise." Nevertheless he continued to call it pudding and started to beg for some. I tried unsuccessfully to convince him otherwise, but seeing that there was a little left in the cup and I wasn't going to get any more down Jonathan, I stuck a spoon in it and handed it to Jackson. He took a HUGE bite... got a horrified look on his face, managed to swallow and handed the cup back to me in a hurry. "Was it good?" I asked him. He nodded but his face was still wrinkled in disgust and he was 'chewing cud' trying to clean it all out of his mouth. "Do you want some more?" "No!"