Wanted: Translator

"The Universal Translator doesn't seem to be working, Captain." "Thank you, Mr. Spock, now please tell me you understand toddler-talk..." (That's for you Aunt Mary ) If there was a class I could take on how to better understand my kids I'd be there pronto! Figuring out what Jackson is trying to say takes a huge chunk of my day everyday and it is hit-and-miss at best. Caleb and I have been clueless about this word/phrase: "Bi-jow". Jackson has been saying it for three days, mostly at night, while pointing at the ceiling (and sometimes the floor). If anyone has any idea what "Bi-jow" means please speak up!


Anonymous said…
I don't know Jackie, but it sounds Indonesian or Javanese to me. Maybe some of that heritage is coming out somehow?!? It sure is ENTERTAINING for us that get to enjoy the blog :) Wish we could be there to help try to decipher!
BTW, I've just read Michael's Senior paper, and you'd be very proud of your "lil'brother". Can you remember when we couldn't understand what he was trying to say? Doesn't seem like that long ago to me...but now he can say what he wants, and very well, I must say!
Love, Dad
Jackie said…
That's great! Yay for Mike!
It's incouraging to me to know that by the time Jonathan hits the age where I need a translator I will have Jackson who can hopefully do that for me. I remember translating for Philip when he was two!
UPDATE: I 'think' we've decided "bi-jow" either means 'big sounds' or 'big shadow'.
Anonymous said…
Hey Jackie, this is Philip. I figured I'd take a shot at translating Jackson's new phrase. Here's how I figure it- the phrase, if it didn't come from you or Caleb, obviously came from Winnie the Pooh. Now if I recall my Winnie knowledge correctly, I believe Christopher Robinson is a British kid and therefore has a British accent. With this in mind, I'm confident that little Jackson has picked up the phrase, "By Jove!"
Jackie said…
Philip, your comment make us both LOL!
Anonymous said…
Haha, if I had been clever enough I would have made the "Christopher Robinson" mistake on purpose for the sake of irony. But instead, I only caught the mess up later and I took it as a reminder of how many years it's been since I've actually seen Winnie the Pooh. :)