And...He's Off!

Jonathan has learned to 'scoot' over the past week. It seems like one day he was stationary and the next day he was getting from point A to B quite easily. Its happened so suddenly that I've been caught off guard by the places he can go and the things he can get into. Today I put Jonathan down on the floor (on his play mat) so I could throw the clothes in the dryer. While I was starting a new load Jackson came running in the laundry room yelling, "Beby in tree! Beby in tree!" I understood what he was saying but it made no sense to me until I stepped back into the living room and discovered Jonathan had scooted a full fifteen feet across the floor (ignoring countless fascinating toys along the way) and managed to pull the plant over on himself. Not to worry, he was just fine and really quite pleased with himself for his accomplishment. And Jackson gets a A+ for being a good big brother because Jonathan was, indeed, in the "tree".