A Different Perspective

Can I just say that I hate potty-training most of all! I think I would have gladly changed diapers for another few years if it weren't for the fact that size 7 diapers have to be special ordered (and Jackson no longer fits in a size 6). The only other option is pull-ups, which come 30 in a package... and even I'm not ridiculous enough to buy four packages of those every month. So with no other alternative we boldly embarked on the potty-training adventure. I read a lot of material, especially about the "potty-training in three days" method. I followed it to the letter... and now here we are almost three months later and I can finally say that Jackson is mostly, pretty much completely potty-trained. I say mostly because there is still one area we haven't nailed down yet. In an attempt to keep this a G-rated blog I'll only say that it has to do with my very hard-headed child holding certain things all day because he prefers to go in his night-time diaper. This has been going on for months and Caleb and I have tried everything we can think of... with no luck. Is there any hope for us??? I was pouring out my frustrations to one of my girlfriends today and when I was finished she shared hers. "Wanna trade?" she said. "I have to carry bath towels with me every time I leave the house because no matter how many times I take her to the bathroom beforehand, I know as soon as I sit her in the shopping cart she will wet." (Her daughter is 3 1/2 years old) I got to thinking about that and I realized Jackson has never, not once, had an accident in public. I suddenly felt so fortunate! So everyone have some ice cream tonight. We are celebrating here because I'm so proud of my little man!