Early Morning Chocolate Milk

Caleb had an early morning flight out of Columbus Saturday morning. He said goodbye to the boys the night before, as he had to leave our house at 3:30 AM and didn't want to wake them and leave it to me to get them back to sleep. So here we are at 3:15 having some coffee in the kitchen (him) and falling asleep on our feet (me) because we stayed up packing until 12:00 AM. Suddenly the phone ring... That can't be good... It was the cab company Caleb had scheduled a pick-up with the day before. The driver was calling to say he was stuck on Ft. Benning waiting another guy and there was no way he could make it for his scheduled pick-up. There was no way I wanted to leave Caleb's car at the airport for six weeks. So without delay Caleb started throwing his bags in the car and I put on clothes, tried to un-glue my eyes, and prepared to wake the boys. I made Jonathan a half bottle and Jackson a cup of warm chocolate milk. Not the best thing to give a kid when you want him to go back to sleep, but I wanted him to have a treat since we were throwing him in the cold car in the middle of the night! As we pulled out of the driveway I noticed Jackson was awake but hadn't said a thing (very unusual for him). Even when we asked him questions and talked to him he didn't respond other than to nod or shake his head. Finally Caleb gave him the cup of milk. He took a few sips and then I heard a little voice behind my seat say "Mmm... dats goood!"