Missing Daddy

Caleb sent this picture from Utah today. Check out the winter wonderland behind him! I am a bit envious that he gets to see some snow. Jackson was so thrilled to see the pictures. After we got off the phone with Caleb last night Jack told me this:
"Mama! Mama!"
"Yes, Jack?"
"Dadda is par par away!"
"Yes, Jack."
Below is an excerpt from my personal blog. It isn't a funny story, but I just had to post it here for you to read. I hope it warms your heart as much as it did mine!
Jackson cried today because he missed his daddy.
We were on our way to Auburn for the first time since Caleb left, and when Jack looked out the window and realized where we were headed he got all excited and started yelling.
"See Dadda! See Dadda!"
On a normal day Jack inquires about Caleb about ten times between breakfast and dinner. My typical response is what hes used to hearing, "Daddy is at work. He'll be home tonight." Since Caleb has been in Utah I've had to redesign the answer, usually "Daddy went on the plane. He might call you tonight."
So with Jackson in the backseat crowing about seeing Caleb I said, "Daddy isn't here, Jack. We can't see him today. He went on the airplane, remember?"
He deflated like a balloon and I looked in the mirror and saw his little chin quivered and he sobbed."Oh no... see Dadda, pease!"
It was heartbreaking to see, but at the same time filled me with such joy! What a beautiful confirmation that Jackson misses his daddy.
So how am I feeling today? Blessed!I have a wonderful husband who loves his family. I have two amazing boys who love their daddy. Who could ask for more?


Anonymous said…
Great story! Yes, we are all so blessed. Thanks for sharing this story. I am very proud of you.

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