Pumpkin Time Again!

I thought I was going to get out of pumpkin mania this year since Caleb isn't home (and honestly, I consider pumpkin carving to be a "Dear Husband Job"), but as soon as they started appearing in our grocery store Jackson started begging for one. I managed to divert him for several trips before I finally broke down and bought him one. I thought we'd take a few pictures of it and sit it on the island in the kitchen and once he was bored of it I'd cook it and puree it for Jonathan. I let him pick one out of the smallest sized pumpkin bin and he was happy... for all of three days, which is when he happened across pictures in the photo album of our pumpkin carving last year.
So I listened to him talk about the pumpkin face for days and finally decided to carve it for him. This is no small feat since I hate the smell of raw pumpkin... and I admit I've never carved one myself before.
Okay, the eyes aren't quite symmetrical and the mouth leaves something to be desired, but at least you can tell it's a face!

It was a dinner entertainment event since Jackson ate while watching me carve! Afterward he insisted I get him a spoon so he could taste the inside. That didn't happen, but I did let him take the "hat" off and look inside, which he thought was hysterical.

A kiss goodnight for the pumpkin...