Two Phrases I Hear Alot

#1 "It's too small!"
I'm not sure how this became the favorite phrase, but I suspect it started when I laughed at Jack for trying to jam his matchbox cars into an empty toilet paper roll that I'd given to him.
"It's too small, Jack!" I said over and over. Finally he gave up and sighed. "Ya, it too mall," he sadly agreed.
His expression was so funny that I laughed out loud, which is, I'm sure what he picked up on.
Now on any given day he says "It too mall" at least five times a day about anything, whether it makes sense or not. He points to the baby... "It too mall." He brings me his cup... "It too mall."
#2 "Shhh... Beby asleep!"
I think it's sweet that Jack feels he should look after Jonathan, but sometimes I think he tells me this to shut me up
For instance, yesterday I was singing along with the radio in the kitchen and I got the "Shhh... Beby asleep!" five times (each more insistent than the last) before I finished the dishes. I know I'm no professional, but cut me some slack, dude!