You Call That Dinner??

I'll be the first to admit I'm not exactly diligent about cooking when Caleb is away. I rely on him a lot to watch the boys for me while I'm in the kitchen so imagine the monumental task of cooking while entertaining them (and usually feeding Jonathan his rice cereal falls right during that same time).
So.... Last night Jackson tasted his first (and probably his last) TV dinner.
He was sitting at the island and watched me throw the thing in the microwave. When it was done I pulled the plastic off and showed it to him.
"Wow," he exclaimed. "Food!"
He was pretty amazed and eager to taste it, but truth be told, after a few bites we were both a bit grossed out (especially after I fished the box out of the trash and examined the ingredients list ).
We collectively decided to have scrambled eggs and cheese toast instead.
Just so you know, I've cooked a "real" meal every night since then


Katie said…
Jackie! I just laughed out loud at that green-pukey face smiley. You will have to tell me what kind of "TV dinner" this was because I eat lots of them. I LoveLoveLove reading your blog and miss ya'll!
Anonymous said…
You are too funny girl! 123 ME