Cute Conversations

I laughed all the way through Target today because Jackson had such cute things to say. First off, he tried to smuggle my cell phone out of my handbag. "What are you doing, Jack?" "I call Daddy!" "Where is Daddy?" "He on da rocket ship!" Then he got irate with me for calling him "Baby". "Mama. Mama." "Yes, Baby?" "I not da Beby! Dare da Beby!" (pointing at Jonathan) "Oh, sorry." Then in the midst of shopping I remembered something I was in dire need of so I asked Jack to please not let me forget the toothpaste. I had no idea how seriously he would take his job because ever after that he yelled "toothpaste! toothpaste!" at least three times for every aisle we turned down. Of course I didn't forget the toothpaste, but I did forget the bread.