Thanksgiving Day Eve

I waited as long as I could this year but I just couldn't make it until the day after Thanksgiving to put up the tree. That's okay, we were all in agreement and Caleb fished it out of the attic Wednesday morning so we could put it up and decorate that night. I immediately started to remember what it's like to have a crawling baby at Christmas time. For one thing, we had to relocate most of the ornaments off the lowest branches, and everything has to be tied down or hooked securely in case he starts shaking the branches when he gives up trying to reach the ornaments.
After the boys were in bed we set to work making broccoli casserole and chocolate truffles for Thanksgiving dinner in Atlanta the next day. And anyone who knows me well can guess why we dipped our noses in the leftover chocolate after we finished the truffles. This took place at 12:30 AM Thursday morning and since it was way past my bedtime and I was exhausted it was hysterically funny at the time!


Anonymous said…
Ahhh how very precious. Thanks for the great pics and update. We had a great Sumatra Gives Thanks.....(giving). I am home on the farm and Dad is in Salatiga till Sunday. I love you so much. 123 ME