Why We Don't Drink Syrup...

We had such a great time in Atlanta on Thanksgiving. The boys were not very cooperative on the drive up, but thankfully they both slept most of the way home.
Caleb's parents were there, visiting from Canada. It was wonderful to see everyone.
Of course, we missed Sarah and Dan, but are so overjoyed and excited about the birth of baby Jonah.
The spread was scrumptious!
After we got home that night I dumped everything on the kitchen counter, including a bottle of syrup from Canada (Thanks Mama Patty and Papa Mike), and went straight to bed (well, okay, I admit I was dying to get back to my book which I was so enthralled with I got sick in the car trying to read with a flashlight).
The next morning Jackson was up bright and early and already saying he was hungry, so I sent him into the kitchen and went into Jonathan's room with Caleb to talk about breakfast. We were in there a few minutes and then Caleb headed on toward the kitchen.
When he walked through the door he found Jackson up on the counter with the bottle of syrup, bottom up, trying to chug down as much as he could before getting caught!
Thankfully, judging by the amount left in the bottle we think he only managed to get one or two swallows. He was, of course, properly punished and sent to the naughty spot, but the biggest issue was me trying to keep a straight face when I said,
"Jackson, do you know why you got in trouble?"
"Yes," he said. "I drink syrup."
Trying hard not to die laughing. "Yes, and we don't drink syrup because..." Searching for some inspiration "...because it's not polite." Nope, that's wrong "...because it's not healthy!"