The Many Adventures of Binkie-the-Blanket and Jackson Evan: Tale of the Yowling Yellow Monster

based on a true story :)
Once upon a time there lived a blue-eyed boy named Jackson and his best friend, a blanket named Binkie. Why he was named Binkie, I cannot say, except perhaps Jackson called him that when he was too young to pronounce the word "Blanket" correctly. Jackson and Binkie were the absolute best of friends and went everywhere together. They played together, they ate lunch together, they took naps together, and on very rare occasions they even battled monsters together. On this particular boring day Binkie found himself alone on the living room floor for no unusual reason, left there by Jackson, who I'm sure had no idea of the impending danger. As Binkie lay there, face down, he stared absently at the dirty carpet around him. Suddenly there came a loud noise! Binkie looked up to see a huge yellow monster coming across the carpet toward him. The monster looked hungry and Binkie lay perfectly still and hoped he hadn't been spotted yet. The yellow monster roared menacingly as it got ever closer, scarfing down the dirt and everything else in it's path! Binkie closed his eyes tightly and prepared to be devoured... but his eyes flew wide open again as he was yanked off the floor and rescued by his best friend, Jackson. He hugged Binkie and together they fled to safety. 'We must stop the yellow monster,' Jackson thought to Binkie, for you see, there was no need to speak aloud when they could converse quite easily in their thoughts. 'How can we stop him without being eaten?' asked Binkie. 'We'll come up with a plan,' said Jackson, and together they sat down to think, think, think. Meanwhile the yellow beast finished all the available food in the living room and started down the hallway, headed straight for Jackson's room. It growled hungrily as it inched closer and closer... and abruptly died! 'Whoohoo!' yelled Binkie. 'We stopped the yellow monster!' 'Yes, we did!' smiled Jackson, holding up the plug he'd just yanked from the socket.


Anonymous said…
I believe you are ready to be published. A.A.Milne would surely like it! Need some original art! 123