Tissue Anyone?

During December while Jackson was sick he developed some... interesting habits. Every time his nose would run a little or he would sneeze we'd hear him yelling "Tissue! Tissue" and running to the kitchen and the Kleenex box. Then he'd bring his tissue to whoever was closest (Caleb or me) for assistance.
This didn't seem like such a bad habit until he got over his cold, but continued with the tissue obsession.
Then last night we had one of Caleb's buddies from the Armory over for dinner. I was in the kitchen chopping vegetables when I noticed Jackson come in and get a tissue out of the box and leave again. A couple of seconds later it dawned on me that Tom was the only adult in the living room with the boys.
oh no! I dropped the squash super quick and rounded the corner in time to see Tom holding the tissue for Jackson while he blew.