Fix Mommy!

(posted by Caleb)

One of Jackson’s favorite things to do these days is “fix” stuff. Apparently he thinks the dinner chairs are always broken and a hammer is the best tool to fix stuff with. So, he’ll get his toy hammer out, run over to the chairs, and proceed to “fix” them.

This morning, Jackie was carrying Jonathan around the house while he played with a toy phone. Whether or not he was aiming, he dropped the phone on Jackie’s foot. She put him down on the floor, limped into the kitchen to get some ice, whimpering about the little toe that Jon just maimed. As I looked for some ice for Jackie, Jackson said, “Boo-boo on the feet?”

“Yes, Jackson, Mommy got a boo-boo, feels like Jon broke my toe” Jackie joked.

“Ma, ma, ma, ma,” Jackson persisted.

“Yes, Jack.”

“Mommy’s toe broke?”

“Yes, mommy’s toe’s broke.” (disclaimer: not really)

Right then, a light-bulb went off above Jackson head and he disappeared into the living room. He came running back into the kitchen with his toy hammer in hand.

“Fix mommy’s toe!”