“Aww… pickles!”

I think Jackson must have picked up this phrase from a cartoon he watched. In any case, when something doesn’t go his way he crosses his arms and exclaims “Aww… pickles!”

One day while we were grocery shopping I was having a moment of weakness and plucked a huge bar of chocolate off the shelf as we passed the candy aisle.

“What’s that, Mommy?” Jackson asked, as I dropped it in the cart.

“That is a lot of chocolate,” I told him.

“Wow, I like chocolate,” he said, happily.

It took about five minutes for my clarity to return and I backtracked through the store and put the chocolate back on the shelf. Jackson was distressed.

“Mommy! I want the chocolate!”

“We don’t really need all that chocolate,” I told him.

As we moved on down the aisle he stuck out his lip and muttered “Aww.. pickles!”