Happy Birthday to the Boys!





To celebrate the boys birthday we had cake and ice cream last night. I put a little fondant piggy (sitting in a mud puddle) on the top of the cake because Jackson is so into animals right now. He loved it!




See Jackson’s “bonky” on his forehead? No birthday of Jackson’s would be complete without a contusion (see his split lip and scratched face in the post from last year).IMG_2626

Jonathan wasn’t sure about the cake at first, but it didn’t take him long to decide he liked it and then he devoured the rest and started begging for more.

IMG_2625IMG_2628IMG_2636 IMG_2656



Jackson asked for a train for his birthday… I guess he is trying to start a collection since he got a train for Christmas. We got him some track so his train will go further :)                 






This cool soccer goal and ball came from Uncle Jon! How cool!


Anonymous said…
Wow, great B'day celebration story! thanks for the wonderful pics. I was almost there ....for a second or two! 123 MOM