Snow Day

Is it only in Alabama that you find this phenomenon?? Yesterday it was a scorching 75 degrees and I was kicking myself for not wearing short sleeves as I sweated my way through the mall parking lot. Today I wake up to big fat snowflakes flying through the air.

IMG_2297This is the sight that greeted our astonished eyes this morning when we opened the curtains. Imagine our surprise since we don’t check the weather much over the weekend and we had NO idea it was supposed to snow.

A few pictures of our winter wonderland:



IMG_2365 There was a good three inches that stuck to the ground.

IMG_2330 No winter wonderland is complete without a snowbaby!

IMG_2352 And what a cute snowbaby he is :o)

IMG_2304Checking out the powder from the safe, snowless driveway…

IMG_2315  …and diving right in!

IMG_2349 Learning how to make snowballs,

IMG_2312and how to throw them.


IMG_2346  Here’s Caleb rolling a snowman sized snowball.

IMG_2358Sculpting the snow…

IMG_2366 …Into this handsome snowman.


Anonymous said…
Great job chronicling the surprise snow. Isn't that the best kind? You don't have to anticipate and be disappointed! Jackson will remember it forever and you wll too... I am so sorry about Sammy! I love you
Jackie said…
Thanks Mom. The great day we had playing in the snow was kind of overshadowed by Sammy's accident the next morning, but I'm so glad we had a good day and got to take so many pictures.
I gathered up Sammy's things and put them away in the garage today... tomorrow will be better, I think.