Thunder in the Valley

Here are our pictures from the airshow today. We all had a blast and Jackson was thrilled and enthralled with all the planes. He kept asking to fly, and when we saw a tiny stunt plane sitting on the tarmac he got all excited saying “Jackson fly now!” Apparently he thought that little plane was just his size.

IMG_2677Uncle Jon pointing out the plane to Jack

IMG_2684  Baby Jon enjoying the action tooIMG_2692Caleb and Jon talking about the P-80 and looking very cool in their shades

IMG_2687Having a look at the smoke generated by the “rocket car” (think Bat Mobile!) 

IMG_2693 Jon and I… look how tall he is!

IMG_2698 Eyes on the sky

IMG_2706 Absolutely enthralled!

IMG_2713 Having a great time!

IMG_2700This thumb ends up in a lot of pictures :p

IMG_2708 The F-18 was very loud!

IMG_2719Checking out some landing gear

IMG_2722  Can we take this one home with us, please?

IMG_2730 Strapped in the Blackhawk

IMG_2734 “Loach”

And now a few aircraft pics: IMG_2696I can’t remember the name of this plane

IMG_2699 …or this one

IMG_2716 Someone please name these planes for me :)

IMG_2723P-51 prop (I know this one!)

IMG_2728 Blackhawk

I learned I really enjoy taking pictures of planes :)


Anonymous said…
Wow. Amazing pictures Jackie! I really need to go to an airshow sometime. Looks like y'all had a great time. You're an amazing photographer.
-Philip :)
Jackie said…
Philip, you're so sweet! We did have SO much fun at the airshow. Jackson still hasn't stopped talking about it! I hope we can go back next year.