Lead me not into temptation… but deliver me from the marshmallow peeps!

Easter is upon us and I’m fattened pleased to announce that the candy ban has been lifted for the holidays. I usually supply only sugar free goodies, but this year, for reasons I can’t quite remember, I decided to allow the good stuff. After all, its only once a year, and I’d much rather my kids get a sugar high on Easter than Halloween.

I think that was the rationale I followed when I plucked the gummy bunnies from the shelf… or maybe it was the look of horror on the other mommy’s faces when I confessed the candy ban at playgroup one day.

“My kids would pitch a fit if I put sugar free candy in their Easter basket,” said one lady.

So there I was in the candy aisle and it seemed like a good idea… at the time.

When I finally got around to filling the plastic eggs yesterday I started searching for that bag of Cadbury eggs and couldn’t find them anywhere. I searched high and low and finally realized they must have just disappeared into thin air. No way I consumed a whole bag in two weeks… impossible!

A picture of Jonathan having his first piece of candy ever - sour gummy bunny: