A Conversation with Jack

The following is Jack’s take on where Caleb goes every morning.

Jack: “Mommy, let’s go Walmart.”

Me: “Why? We just went yesterday.”

Jack: “See Daddy.”

Me: “Uh, no, Daddy is at work.”

Jack: “At Daddy’s house?”

Me: “This is Daddy’s house.”

Jack: “No, Daddy’s house is… Walmart!”

Me: “What? No, Daddy is at work… at the Armory. You know.”

Jack: “Oh.” (ponders that for a minute) “With Daddy’s friends?”

Me: “Um, yes, I guess so.”

Jack: “Building cars with Daddy’s friends.”

Me: “Umm…probably working on the computer.”

Jack: “…playing robots?” <- I think he got this from MechWarrior.

Me: “No, making our country safe.”

Jack: ……

Me: “Uh… making our house safe-“

Jack: “Daddy’s making houses?!?”

Me: “No, Jack, that’s not what I said.”

Jack: “Mommy, let’s go Walmart and see Daddy!”

And we’re back at square one.