In case you were wondering…

(which you probably weren’t)… here’s a look at a few of the things we ate this week. And if it looks to you like we’re feeding our kids ferret food going on a healthy eating spree, just keep in mind I use the term “healthy eating spree” quite often myself to describe the Oreo-less state of our pantry before I can make it to the grocery store again. 002

To prove I am still the biggest fan of real food I give you…

Exhibit A: Lunch on Friday --------->

I do want my kids to get used to trying new foods and enjoying a wide range of dishes. I mean, how cool would it be if, when asked about his favorite food, Jackson were to say “Couscous and garbanzo beans”?!057 And since most of the recipes for pancakes I know of don’t call for yogurt or 068bananas, these creations are just that – my creations. It makes it extra special when the boys gobble it down and ask for more, or when my husband says “I love it!” even after seeing all the interesting ingredients that went in, like… (you guessed it) milled flax seed. *Ducking my head and hiding in the corner*

Go ahead and have a laugh, I deserve it.

Also on the menu this week, an old favorite of ours from our days among the Korean students at Mountain View. Seaweed! Yum!

We thought it was time to introduce the boys, because, as you know, everything tastes better encased in marine algae.

020 edit It was loved by all…


well, most.