“Ya Did What??”

I freely admit to nothing you read in this post. The following may or may not be based on actual events… This week was a doozy.

I was in an awful hurry to beat the rain to the park on Tuesday morning and I may or may not have pulled out of the driveway without buckling Jackson into his car seat. I also may or may not have pulled over on the shoulder half a mile down the road after someone yelled at me generously reminded me about his “buttckles”. Afterward, I may or may not have made it another half mile before I realized my fuel light was not. And if it was, I may or may not have had an argument with myself about which I’d rather lose– 45 minutes of my day while I wait on the side of the road for Caleb to come with a gas can vs. my sanity if the kids don’t get to burn some energy on the playground. I’m pretty sure I coasted into the gas station on fumes an hour later, where I may or may not have received a very strange look from a lady at the pump next to mine after I sprayed the nozzle with Lysol.

Yep, pretty sure I didn’t do any of that.pacifier on a stick

Thursday afternoon I may or may not have witnessed Jackson coaxing Jonathan  into a closet with a “Paci on a stick” contraption he’d created. If I did, I may or may not have thought it was both cruel… and hilarious. I’m pretty sure I didn’t laugh, but I may or may not be kicking myself for not taking a picture.

That sure doesn’t sound like me.

On Saturday I made a roast for dinner and I may or may not have left the juices in the crock pot for two days because every time I noticed them in the kitchen it just wasn’t a very convenient time to go outside and dump them in the woods. This may or may not qualify me as lazy busy.

I didn’t do that… did I?

Monday night I may or may not have forgotten to diaper Jackson, putting him to bed in his boxers and tee-shirt. I also may or may not have feigned sleep while Caleb got up at 4:30 when Jackson started crying. And when he came back in the room and said, “Umm… he’s wet and he’s not wearing a diaper,” I may or may not have said “What do you mean– …oh. Oh…” Also, I may or may not have been doing a load of laundry at 4:35 on Tuesday morning.

That wasn’t me, honest…