I’m still here

I got busy with various projects and sort of fell off the bloggy wagon this week, and if you don’t believe me, well, I have pictures to prove how busy I’ve been. Nope, I did not lay around at all this week.

laying around










I did, however, try my hand at homemade sausage, made with ground chicken and a granny smith apple. Yum!


I also evicted the boys from the master bathroom. Finally! No longer will I be interrupted mid-shower by a child needing to potty. And I’ve brushed my teeth for the last time while standing on a sopping wet bathmat.

(There is also a small makeover in the works for our master bath. I’ll post pictures of that once I finish.)


For now, the boys are very happy in their new jungle themed bathroom and I don’t mind at all if they soak the monkey rug.


And here’s the part where I add fish poop to my chore list introduce our replacement pet. Although Sammy held a very special place in our hearts, I’m confident in reporting that our dog days are over. No more fuzzy friends for us.  Meet our one and only pet replacement. Everyone, this is Chum.


As you can see, he keeps us all riveted.


I also managed to score this picture yesterday – the photo of the century:

Jack and Jon

Which, let me tell you, was no small feat. Getting my boys to sit together and smile at the same time is not typical.

This is typical:


or this:


But strangling aside, it was a chicken sausage eating, bathroom reclaiming, fish kissing, brother loving, particularly wonderful week.


Happy Sunday!