Step inside my bathroom

About two weeks ago I posted about evicting the boys from the master bathroom and I mentioned there was a small makeover in the works. Despite it taking me two weeks to get around to posting pictures, the term “small makeover” did not include any renovation. I mean, unless you consider painting the walls a “renovation”, which I do.



Seriously, anything done to this bathroom would have been an improvement, in my opinion. Sure, I’m all about warm colors, but this much brown had me feeling like a marshmallow bobbing in a cup of cocoa.

Air! I need Air! and Color!



Isn’t it fantastic? Bet you aren’t surprised that its blue, eh? This makes the fourth shade of blue walls in my house which says two things about me

a. I never paint more than one room at a time

b. I love me some blue!

To be perfectly honest, I went to Home Depot with grey in mind and came out with blue instead. Oh well, it doesn’t matter if its the same old color I use everywhere. Blue looks smashing…


but my favorite thing about the new bathroom is the painted cabinet. This turned into the most time consuming, complicated project I’ve ever tried. Number one lesson learned: don’t start painting your cabinets one hour before lunch with two grouchy kids in the house and somewhere you have to be that afternoon.

But in hindsight, it was worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears. It looks 10 times better, and really, it could not have looked any worse.


Yes, those are mirrors hanging over my mirror. They break up the expanse rather nicely…


while still allowing you to see what you need to see…


don’t you think?


The last thing I did to the bathroom was to install this message on the wall and surprise Caleb with it. I chose these words for a reason, you see. Every morning before he leaves for work, Caleb kisses me goodbye and tells me “I love you”, but since it is usually still dark outside and I’m still mostly incoherent I rarely say it back. I put this message on the wall so he would see it every morning and be reminded that “I do love you” even when my sleepy mouth won’t say the words.

040    (And, by the way, this picture is the most accurate representation of the wall color)

I’d also like to point out that the declaration of this room now being a child free zone did not stop baby Jon from leaving his mark.


Ha! My gate and I laugh in the face of a few flung automobiles. It’ll take a lot more than that to interrupt my shower.


Marian Frizzell said…
beautiful! if I had my own home, as in, if I didn't live in an apartment, I'd totally get you to come and redo it for me. I'm blown away. Why are you so cool?
Caleb said…
Looks fab, hun. I'm so proud of you. Thanks especially for the reminder. It's also nice to be able to pull up the blog on my phone...which is Ub3r!!1337 :-)
Sarah T. said…
jackie!!! it looks amazing!! seriously. my jaw dropped. it looks like you had a TV make-over show come in!
Jackie said…
Thanks, guys! All your sweet compliments make me blush :P