the beach

So, we arrived in Panama City too late on Thursday evening to do anything other than shovel in some dinner and throw the kids in bed, but we vowed to get up early Friday morning and go directly to the beach Walmart and Best Buy. Thank goodness for Walmart and Best Buy. Turns out I forgot to pack sunscreen and on the drive toward the beach Friday morning I discovered I didn’t have a memory card for the camera. After I hyperventilated for several seconds over the idea of going to the beach and not taking A SINGLE PICTURE, we U-turned and off to Best Buy we went.

Anyway, we didn’t make it to the beach as early as planned, but we had a blast when we finally got there. And I did take pictures so it’s all good…


burried not loving the surf so much beach bum This is my beach bum…

sand chum And this is my sand chum…

Don’t they look cute all “beach-a-fied”?

beach bumthe only picture of me ;) Turns out neither of the boys are crazy about the surf, but they would sit there digging in the sand all day if we’d let them.

beach bum beach crack?^ I believe this is what they call “beach crack”

And just for fun:

crawling up the beach see Jon in the glasses?


Anonymous said…
Good pictures Jackie. All of them. I like the photoshop effects on the last two. :) It's good to have you back and blogging! :D