Cure you Fears

You may have read my post a few months back about Jackson’s fear of spiders. Despite the ridiculous number of spiders and other insects that have invaded our house with the summer heat, he has not made any progress in conquering his fear. And now we have a new one to add to the list: the vacuum cleaner.

For the past several months Jackson has taken to hiding in his room every time I turn on the vacuum cleaner. I’m not sure when it started or what prompted it. I would certainly never say to my child “Pick up these toys now or I’m going to suck them up in the vacuum cleaner!” Nope, I would never manipulate him that way even if it did get fabulous results.

Okay, regardless of how or why it started, I finally decided it has gone on long enough.

Observe my cure for the vacuum cleaner fear:

Jackson stares down THE BOSS                          Extreme Desensitization.

crumbs be gone!                          Also quite useful should you need your kitchen cleaned.