Best Shot Tuesday


The surest way to induce a panic attack from my three-year-old bug hater


Elisa said…
That, as usual, is a FABULOUS picture.

I look at your photos and I desire in my heart to learn to create such beauty. I start wanting to go out and buy the same camera you have, but then I remember it's not just the camera. You simply have a gift. I sure would love to have you take some pictures of Oscar someday, if you'd be open to the idea!

Looking at your pics makes me see what the possibilities are, I just wish I knew the steps to get there! Among my circle I've always been "the photographer", but now I feel like a fledgling!

You could make it as a professional, easily, I hope you know that!
Elisa said…
Can I ask you about this photo... is all of the "blur" around the edges due to your lens/aperture, or do you do some of that in processing? If you are able to do that in processing, would you share how you do it? This is an effect I have tried to re-create in Photoshop without great success. My lenses aren't that great, and I haven't had the aperture effects I've wanted, pretty much in any of my pics.